The Canadian Plowing Organization

“Welcome to the new Canadian Plowing Organization website. We have an exciting year ahead of us and we truly hope that everyone has the opportunity to come to the Canadian Championship at Walkerton, Ontario – August 30 to September 2nd. Bruce County, our host, is planning a stellar event.

This will be a year of new happenings and a few changes, we are asking for a little patience while we build our new website, but I am sure that everyone will find it current and very interactive . If you have photos of previous Canadian or World Events from 2014 to 2016, please forward to .
Stay tuned! “

2 thoughts on “The Canadian Plowing Organization”

  1. I would like to know what determines the number of contestants from across Canada to qualify to compete in the National Championship?

    Is there as much interest in this event as 20 years ago? If not – why not??

    1. That is a great question Dora. Entries in the Canadian Championship Plowing Contestants are accepted from any plow person in Canada provided they qualified in their respective Province or Territory in accordance with the rules of qualification approved by the C.P.O. There is a qualifying daily score requirement for each class.
      The location of the Canadian Championship is determined a minimum of three years out and it may be held in any Province from the East coast to the West Coast. 2017 is Ontario, 2018 is New Brunswick, 2019 is Ontario and 2020 is British Columbia.
      While there is still great interest in the National Event, we are seeing a shift in participation. This could be due to the fact that now the contest consists of senior conventional and senior reversible as well as junior conventional.
      Previously, it was only the conventional plows used. Great opportunities are available for the reversible plow participants.
      Dedication and preparedness are key to this competition, it is like getting ready for the Olympics!!

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